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Solution for “your connection is not private” error

Why Does Chrome Keep Saying Your Connection Is Not Private
Why Does Chrome Keep Saying Your Connection Is Not Private

The internet is a useful source for entertainment, studying, earning, and shopping. On the other hand, surfing on the internet also makes you vulnerable to cyber-attacks carried out by hackers. They capture your accounts and steal your privacy in exchange for a hefty ransom. For our security, we must not neglect the error “your connection is not private.”

Usually, the error appears on the Google browser due to a problem in the SSL connection.

How Do You Fix Your Connection Is Not Private
How Do You Fix Your Connection Is Not Private

What does it mean “your connection is not private”?

This error restricts you from accessing the particular website as it can put your privacy at risk.


Whenever you search for an HTTPS website, your browser automatically checks for an SSL certificate. The secure socket layer protects your files, addresses, and even credit card information from attackers online. It is mandatory to acquire an SSL certificate if you don’t have one.

The Google browser immediately warns you about the invalidity of the certificate by displaying the error message “your connection is not private.”

If you own the website and the same error message appears, then you should instantly take a look at the expiry date of your SSL certificate. It is mandatory to renew your contract as most SSL certifications expire after one year.

How Do You Fix Your Connection Is Not Private On Mac
How Do You Fix Your Connection Is Not Private On Mac

How to fix the problem

There is no feasible way for you to fix the error “your connection is not private” if the SSL license is expired or fake. Then the error can only be eliminated by the owner of that website by restoring or correctly buying the certificate. You should certainly not force your way on that website as you would put your privacy at high risk. However, there are plenty of ways that you can consider for making sure that the browser is not displaying the error due to any obstacle from your side.

Reload the page

The easiest and the most convenient way to solve this problem is to reload the page. Sometimes it occurs due to a glitch in your browser or your internet connection.

There are high chances that your browser hasn’t requested any data from the server. Reloading the page will help fix this error of “your connection is not private.”

Don’t use public wifi.

The available public wifis found in cafes and malls seem tempting, but there are many disadvantages to it.

Every input detail is shown in the text form while using a public network because public networks run on HTTP. Anyone with a little knowledge can easily steal your private data and use it to carry out evil actions. This lack of security forces your browser to show the error “Your connection is not private.”

Browsing history

Clearing your browsing history may help you to get rid of the message “your connection is not private”.

First, click the three dots shown on the top right corner of your browser screen. Secondly, select the clear your browsing data option, select all three options of basic-tab, and choose the all-time option from the time drop menu.

Incognito mode

Incognito mode doesn’t allow your browser to save the data you are going to access. This mode helps you to check whether you’re browsing history or cookies were causing the trouble or not.

For accessing the incognito mode, visit the three dots shown on the top right corner of your browser and select the “New incognito window” option.

Date and time

Many people find date and time irrelevant to the error “your connection is not private.” As mentioned earlier, web browsers always check for the validity of the SSL certificate following the time set on your device. Your browser will automatically display the error message “your connection is not private”, if the license is no more valid according to your time set.

Your Connection Is Not Private
Your Connection Is Not Private

Firewall and antivirus

Some antiviruses also scan the SSL certificate and block them unusually. Disable the specific feature of your antivirus or entirely turn it off. Repeat the process and check whether the issue is still there or not.

Proceed manually

Remember that all warnings given to you are to protect you from potential risks. You can still force your way to the website despite being informed initially. Continue manually by clicking the advance button and proceed to the website by selecting the bottom left option.

Permanent ignore

If you don’t want to encounter “your connection is not private” error, you can turn it off permanently in the browser settings. Modifying the settings will only limit the message from appearing on the screen. However, these amendments will put your privacy at a high stake.

Update your DNS

If you carried out changes in your DNS in the past, you should now obtain it automatically. Go to the control panel, select the network settings, and there you can adjust your adapter settings. These adjustments might help you to resolve the error “your connection is not private.”


Q: Is incognito mode safe?
A: Yes, it is safe.
Q: Why does chrome always say your connection is not private?
A: It only protects you from fake websites.
Q: How can I hide my internet activity?
A: Use a virtual private connection (VPN).
Q: How secure is my connection?
A: You can check it by seeing the URL of the website. It should start with HTTP.


Your connection is not private error only appears when there is an issue with the SSL certificate of the website. There is no need to panic if you see this error. Hopefully, you can avoid this error by following the guidance above.