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What to Do with Old Cell Phones – Great Uses

What To Do With Old Broken Cell Phones
What To Do With Old Broken Cell Phones

Want to know what to do with Old Cell Phones? If you have old cell phones gathering dust in a drawer, you are absolutely not alone. Rather than trashing them or leaving them to receive yet more dust, here is a few secrets, though: Your abandoned Android gadgets are really virtual gold mines. You just have to see the right way to tap into their potential and provide them new life.

What To Do With Old Cell Phones
What To Do With Old Cell Phones

What to Do with Old Cell Phones: Tips 

Reuse it 

If it’s a former smartphone, there are all varieties of cool projects you can get into. You can convert it into a dedicated media player for in the car. You could convert it to a dedicated alarm clock. You could transform it into a dedicated VoIP device. If it’s one of several older Androids with a made-in IR blaster, you can change it into a universal remote.

Discovering a new use for your phone protects you money and is excellent for the environment. These are all easy projects that do not need any hacking. To really open the power of your old smartphone, just search on Google: hack (your phone model) and view what comes up.

Activate it Anew

If the phone is still running, you can activate it for your family member or your lovely one. Just verify your phone’s eligibility and if it’s all ok, follow the steps there to activate. It’s also not a wrong idea to keep a spare, inactivated phone on hand as a backup, just in situation, something occurs to your main device.

Give it Away

Cell phones are truly exploding in junkyards and deposit the trash, so do not be that person who fires yet another device into the garbage or the recycling bin. That’s right, you cannot just throw it into the blue bin and wish for the best.

Call2Recycle, a national recycling business, predicts that two-thirds of California’s waste facility sparks in 2017 were produced by explosions in old lithium-ion batteries. That’s because recycling facilities do not have the ability to take apart the old handsets, so they are tossed, instead.

You can send the old phones to a local Goodwill store, which will, in turn, discover a recycling partner that can accommodate. Normally, these are going to be third party companies that train in electronics decline, so do not worry about your information- most places will wipe it before taking it apart.

If there is a special cause that you are excited about, there’s a good gamble there’s an accompanying company that will take your old phone and put it to great use. Below are a few:

  1. National Coalition against Domestic Violence: The organization takes cell phone donations, which it then recycles through an associate organization, Cellular Recycler. The Coalition takes a part of the proceeds raised through restored cell phone sales, serving to fund its programming.
  2. Secure the Call: This charity assists vulnerable people without entrance to emergency services by collecting old phones and then exporting them out to agencies that can redistribute the phones to older residents, people bearing from domestic violence, and more. All cell phones, even if they are not begun on a carrier plan, can call 911 (we all spend monthly fees as part of our phone bill to hold this program active).
  3. Cell Phones for Soldiers: The national charity gives emergency services and cost-free communication to soldiers through its program, which takes old mobile phones and recycles them.

Sell It

Selling your old smartphone does not own to be a shock and you do not have to continually monitor eBay, anymore, either.

Amazon Trade-In might not seize you the most blow for your buck, particularly if you have a newer type of phone, but it is surely the easiest. All you have to do is tour the trade-in website, look up the label and model of your phone, print a free shipping label, and wait.

If Amazon requires the phone and you are fine with the price, then you will receive an instant digital gift card. If you are not fine with the deal or Amazon denies your phone, it will send it back to you at no charge or you can decide to donate the phone for free. This is also a great profit for old tablets and even books.

Recycle It

If none of the earlier answers work for you – maybe your phone is crushed beyond repair or entirely antiquated- you will have to place it. Nonetheless, the trash is not the right place, it will require to be recycled.

There are a few reputable electronics recyclers out there that spoil on your great purposes. The safest bet is to consult the EPA’s Electronics Donation and Recycling page to see what recycling choices are available to you.


Q: Is it wrong to throw away old cell phones?
A: If your phone is not in great sufficient condition to donate, do not just throw it in the garbage. Phones include toxic chemicals that, when a cell is disposed of in a landfill, may eventually leach into groundwater and poison the liquid in encompassing areas.
Q: Are old cell phones worth anything?
A: With current cell phones coming outfitted with touchscreens and wireless abilities, you may query if more used phone models are still in great demand. According to freshly released info from One Poll and SellCell.com, unused cells are collectively estimated at upwards of $33.8 billion worldwide.
Q: Why you should never trade your old mobile device?
A: Maximum smart devices are created to save your individual data. You may imagine you have deleted everything, but it could still be placed with info – the kind of stuff a name thief can use to target you. It is a private security risk most characters do not know about.


Rather than hiring that phone to collect dust, reuse it. If it joins to Wi-Fi, it can yet be a helpful addition to the household. Above are a few great ideas you can do with your old cell phone.