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Pokemon Go Evolution Items – How to Get and Use Them

Pokemon Go Evolution Items
Pokemon Go Evolution Items

The evolution system on Pokémon GO evolution items maybe a whole new concept. No filled PC boxes here, but free candy for each capture! So, to evolve a Pokémon, you would like a particular amount of candy that the Pokémon gives out once you catch it.

To evolve your Rattata into a Raticate, for instance, you would like to catch around 10 Rattata to get 25 candies and evolve it.

Candies also can be wont to Power Up your Pokémon, i.e. boost its CPs. If you run out of candy, you’ll get some from Professor Willow by ‘transferring’ your surplus Pokémon to him.

There also are Pokémon which will only evolve through items. These were united with the arrival of Gen 2. Depends on the Pokémon, you will need 50 or 100 candies + 1 item to evolve it.

Evolution Items Pokemon Go
Evolution Items Pokemon Go

What are the Pokemon Go Evolution Items?

Suppose you’ve spun a Pokestop for the seventh day during a row or finished your weekly research breakthrough task and located a new shiny thing you’ve never seen before. In that case, you’ll say hello to your first Pokemon Go evolution item. You would possibly even have a couple of you do not know you’ve got, so pop into your items list and have a fast scroll.

Evolution items were introduced with the Gen 2 update back in 2017 and mean an entire stack of latest ‘mon via evolution if you hoard your candy good. So far, we’ve only got one fourth-generation item, the Sinnoh Stone, but you are going to wish it for a stack of 4th generation Pokemon evolutions.

Before Gen 2 was released, all you required to evolve a pocket monster was collect enough candies. Now, for a few special Pokemon, you would like to gather the candies and an evolution item.

Here are the evolution items and the way to spot them:

  • Sunstone may be a red-and-orange rock with points protruding of the edges.
  • King’s stone seems like a yellow castle with broken walls.
  • The metal coat seems like two silver, round batteries stacked on top of every other.
  • Dragon scale is an oval with blue and yellow indicating.
  • Upgrade item looks quite a sort of a long, yellow taser.

What Level do you have to be to take an Evolution Item? Is it level 10?

Several of the more essential items in Pokémon Go only become available once you reach higher levels, like Max Revive. Evolution Items are an equivalent. They currently appear to unlock only at level 10.

Arguably, getting all the Pokémon and candy, you would like to use all the Evolution Items should take about as long, if not longer, than going to level 10. But still, it might be nice to be ready to collect Evolution Items right from the beginning.

Pokemon that Evolve Using Special Items

Right now, only eight Pokemon evolve using anything aside from candy. Here’s an inventory and what you would like to evolve them:

  • Gloom needs one sunstone and 100 candies to evolve into a Bellossom.
  • Sunkern needs one sunstone and 50 candies to evolve into a Sunflora.
  • Poliwhirl requires one king’s rock and 100 candies to evolve into a Politoed.
  • Slowpoke requires one king’s rock and 50 candies to evolve into a Slowking.
  • Onix requires one metal coat and 50 candies to evolve into Steelix.
  • Scyther requires one metal coat and 50 candies to evolve into a Scizor.
  • Seadra requires one dragon scale and 100 candies to evolve into Kingdra.
  • Porygon requires one upgrade item and 50 candies to evolve into Porygon2.

How to Get Evolution Items

The only thanks to getting evolution items are by spinning PokeStops. Like with the new berries, though, they do not drop as often as balls and razz berries. After quite fifty spins at various stops, I only got one sunstone. Many others are reporting similar findings, with some reporting a drop rate of 1 percent or less. Your mileage may vary, but don’t expect to gather them quickly.

If you play the sport a day, you’ll get a minimum of one evolution item per week, though. Once you get the seven-day streak bonus one evolution item is bound to drop. This only counts for the primary PokeStop of the Day streak, not the last Pokemon of the Day streak. The evolution item you get is entirely random, but it’s better than merely counting on PokeStop drops.

Pokemon Go Evolution Items Chart
Pokemon Go Evolution Items Chart

Evolution Items Facts

Here’s an inventory of all facts covering Pokémon GO Evolution items:

  • Evolution items are obtained by spinning PokéStops.
  • Evolution items are unique, with drop rates from 0.76% – 1%.
  • Evolution items drops are uniformly distributed, therefore the chance to urge any of the things are equal.
  • The 7th-day streak isn’t a guaranteed thanks to obtaining Evolution items, although it’s more likely to recommend an evolution item on the 7th day’s streak.
  • You can take an evolution item out of any PokéStop spin.


Q: What can an upgrade evolve in Pokemon Go?
A: Pokemon Go’s Up-Grade is merely wont to evolve the oddly cute Porygon into Porygon2, provided you’ve enough candy.
Q: Can you get evolution items from gifts?
A; Admittedly, only two of the five Johto evolution items, King’s Rock and Metal Coat, are obtainable from gifts. Our data suggest that the ratio between the two evolution items is 1:1; both items are equally likely to drop from a present.
Q: What does glacial lure evolve?
A: Eevees evolved within the influence of a glacial lure will evolve into Glaceon. Eevees evolved within the facility of a mossy lure will evolve into Leafeon.
Q: What does a magnetic lure evolve?
A: To get a Magnetic Lure module, just buy and head to a PokeStop that doesn’t have a Lure active, and use the item. Now once you’ve got a Magnetic Lure module, you’ll use it to evolve your Gen 1 Magneton to your favorite Gen 4 Magnezone in Pokemon Go.


The item is decided randomly, so there is no telling what you will get. Might be all those you would like during a row, or might be an equivalent one over and once again. I, for one, got more Upgrades than I even have ever caught Porygon! But it’s guaranteed! Share your valuable views on Pokemon Go evolution items within the comment box section below.