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Insights Into Fruits That Help You Sleep Longer

Many people have issues regarding sleep. Recent studies have shown that close to half of the American population have had some kind of sleep troubles in the past week. Sleep troubles can include such things as having difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up.

Hence, lots of Americans have started to look into what kinds of foods are able to help them overcome these problems. In light of this, this article will focus on providing insights regarding fruits that help you sleep longer.


Kiwifruit is a unique fruit that is becoming more and more popular not only in North America but throughout the world. This is because lots of new research has suggested that this fruit has lots of great compounds and enzymes that can greatly boost individual health. The fruit itself is a beautiful green color and tastes sweet and juicy. Hence, the fruit has the added benefit of being very tasty while also having lots of great health boosting properties.

The potassium and folate content of kiwifruit has been shown to be useful in improving sleep quality. Many people that regularly consume these nutrients in high amounts have noticed that their sleep issues have become less and less prominent. Thus, by consuming a fruit that is high in these compounds, such as kiwifruit, anyone that has trouble sleeping for long periods of time will be able to see improvements in their condition.


Perhaps one of the most common and well-known fruits is the banana. Interestingly, such a common fruit has become known for being useful in preventing and treating certain sleeping problems. When it comes to being able to sleep longer, consuming large amounts of bananas can be highly beneficial. People that have incorporated this fruit into their daily diets have noticed great improvements in quality of sleep as well as being able to fall asleep for extended periods of time.

The magnesium content of the average banana is much higher than lots of other comparable fruits. Magnesium is a compound that is very important to the healthy functioning of the brain and the nervous system. When the nervous system is stressed out and working inefficiently, problems with sleep are highly common. Thus, by consuming lots of magnesium, these problems can be alleviated and cured in the long-run. Consuming lots of bananas, which are full of magnesium, is an excellent way of ensuring that better sleep is experienced in the future.


Depending on the area, cherries can either be very common or highly uncommon. This is because the areas in which cherries can grow abundantly are confined to certain environments. However, with the fruit trade becoming more globalized, it’s become easier than ever to purchase these fruits wherever one may be. This is a great thing, considering the fact cherries are known for being able to improve how long a person may sleep in a given night. Cherries have powerful nutrients that have specifically been shown to have curative properties regarding sleep disorders.

The antioxidant content of cherries is drastically higher than many other fruits. In fact, lots of other fruits are lacking when it comes to antioxidants. This compound is known for being very important in riding the body of toxins. When there is a significant build-up of toxins throughout the body, it’s easy for such critical functions like sleep to become negatively influenced.

Many people that don’t consume enough antioxidants find that they aren’t able to fall asleep easy and are also unable to maintain sleep for an extended period of time. Hence, if supplementation of cherries is conducted, it’s highly likely that sleep quality will improve as more toxins are removed from the body.