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Batman Games in Order: Arkham Games Guide

Batman Arkham Games In Order
Batman Arkham Games In Order

The Batman Games in order is one of the most super hit superhero game franchises of all time. Batman is one of the most well-known superhero characters, and there is no surprise in that. Also, several supporters love the Batman stories, comics, and animated shows due to the most impressive antagonist role among all the comics, the infamous Joker. The character of Batman is an evergreen one, as at one hand he is not praised as a superhero in his universe but recognized as more of a vigilante; also, on the other side, Batman is a tech master, so with the elevation of real-life technology Batman comics can adapt them.

When it occurs to the gaming industry, building a game with any superhero nature is possible. Still, in most cases, the superhero games end up being kiddish and boring. But, in the state of Batman, it becomes just the reverse, as he has no superhero powers, and the fighting is a more critical approach rather than a brute force attack. You can also see a variety of same approaching style and combat style with Spider-man games. That is why, among all other superhero games, Batman and Spider-man games are the most successful.

Batman Games In Order
Batman Games In Order

List of Batman Games in Order 

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) 

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the opening game on the list. This game was supported on several platforms, including PlayStation 3 & 4, macOS, Windows, Xbox360, and Xbox One. It is completely based on a jailbreak orchestrated by the Joker. With the other villains’ cooperation, Joker takes over the facility, leaving Batman to restore order and fix the situation.

With blends of exciting but straightforward combat accents, the game is well-produced and has many stealth sections combined. The players can pick from a sizeable number of gadgets available invented to accommodate the different situations.

The game’s layout and walls have lots of details punctuated with numerous riddles and trophies to make the location more animated. During the first release, the game was not open for Xbox One and PS4 or the macOS. In 2011, it was released for macOS, and in 2016, the game was published for Xbox One and PS4.

Batman: Arkham City (2011)

Soon after the massive achievement of Arkham Asylum, a sequel was released for Batman Games in Order. The Batman: Arkham City, which was also produced by Rocksteady Studios, was published in 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows, and in 2012, it was released for the macOS and Wii U. It was rebuilt for the Xbox One and PS4 in 2016.

This game pulls up from Arkham Asylum’s stories, where a part of Gotham City is converted into Arkham City by brutes from Arkham Asylum under Dr. Hugo Strange’s supervision. This next entry discusses the start of Catwoman, who is also a playable role in some sections of the tale.

Batman: Arkham City offers the player lots of new gadgets. Though, there are no essential modifications to the gameplay and mechanics.

Batman: Arkham Origins (2013)

The third listing in the series was not a sequel but a prequel, and that can be assumed from the name alone – Batman: Arkham Origins.

This part of the game shows the player an older interest in Batman’s career, following a less and younger experienced Bruce Wayne on his night-time excursions. After Black Mask, the game’s lead villain gets a note of Batman’s interventions, and he puts a vast 50-million-dollar prize on his head. Soon enough, the inexperienced Dark Knight gets himself in over his head, having to face numerous professional assassins who may very well be out of his group.

In words of gameplay, the game continues more or less the same as the past two titles in terms of mechanics: stealth encounters, combat encounters, trophies, puzzles, and a kind of gadget for all situations.

Though the mechanics did get a tad stale after two games, the indifferent boss fights and dark environment design don’t specifically help the matter, leaving Origins a relatively weak link in the list. This series was released only for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and Windows, never getting a macOS port.

Batman: Arkham Knight (June 2015)

Arkham Knight is the newest version of the Batman Arkham series. This is the last game you have to play to finish the Batman Games in order of release. The game was developed by Rocksteady Studios and was one of the most excellent action-adventure video game in the year 2015. Experts, as well as gamers, acknowledged everything from the story to the gameplay of Arkham Knight.

This game is the sequel to 2011’s game Arkham City. The narrative of the game takes place nine months after the conclusion of Arkham City. After what happened at the finish of Arkham City (not providing any spoilers), Gotham citizens feel safer.

Batman’s nemesis, such as Penguin, Scarecrow, and Harley Quinn, combines with a single aim in mind, which is to destroy Batman. Interestingly, this time, Batman isn’t alone either as he is backed by Batgirl, Night wing, and Robin to take down the infamous criminals. Also, this is the first series in the Batman Arkham list to feature Batmobile. 


Q: Are Batman games connected?
A: They are linked, but you don’t require to play them to know the story (except for a few short parts, but it’s not very significant).
Q: Can I skip Arkham origins?
A: You can skip Origins (though it’s also not as low as people speak, it is by far the gravest).
Q: Can you play as Joker in return to Arkham?
A: Accept it or not, Joker is playable by default on Asylum’s macOS port (unlike the Windows version you require to mod him in).


That’s all the Batman Games in Order, for now, open across platforms. Though, there are lots of different Batman games available from many series and on smartphone devices too. This is a vast series to get stuck into if you’re a follower of the Batman comics or films and need to see more of Gotham City and its supervillains.