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About Us

Thank you for visiting the https://www.greenlagirl.com/ We aim to be the number one guide source for users of Twitter as well as search engine optimization professionals. We’ve made our name as the company behind TwitterBerry, which is a popular Twitter app for BlackBerry phones. That’s far from all we do, though.

We know and understand how important SEO is for modern businesses, which is why we focus what we do on this part of the Internet. Practically every company out there relies on search engines to for website traffic, and then they rely on their websites to convert that traffic into revenue, whether it’s actionable leads, requests for more information, list subscriptions, contact details, or straight up e-commerce.

Twitter and other social media platforms are essential to moving at Internet speed, which is why we have tools that your business can use to communicate with prospects, generate backlinks, and make your website rank higher in search engine listings.

It takes tools to use modern technology, but those tools need to serve you as much as they work for your website or search engines. They need to run on the hardware you have, and be quick, easy, and effective.

Tools are not all that we offer, though, as this website will also have a strong emphasis on a weekly newsletter we are going to send out to all our new subscribers. In it, we will have actionable content you can use to harness the power of Twitter for your search engine optimization benefits, helping you rank higher, draw more traffic, and convert it. We won’t just throw articles at you that we think are great, though. We’ll have regular polling among our readers to find out how effective and useful our content is so we can serve you better over time.